The a Musing blog, and how it got that way

A Musing is, quite simply, the home for my thoughts, opinions, and ideas about color and how we relate to it and are influenced by it in our world. Now that I’ve come back to A Musing’s original blog format, I’ll be digging even deeper into color, and hope you’ll come along for the ride!

I’d love to hear about your ideas for using colors (not just mine). As I get started with this blog, my mind is primarily on color inspiration; I know you think it just magically pops into my head, but the truth is, what it takes is simply opening our eyes. Sure, we notice beautiful colors in a flower, or a sunset, but what about the subtle shadings in your cat’s fur? Or the palette used in a striped shirt? Try this the next time you’re in a restaurant: look around and take in the decor colors that extend even to the menus; I guarantee those choices were not random.

So inspiration really is about raising our awareness. What inspires you?

So what is Colormusing about? Palette inspiration, creation, and application: colormusing really is all about hue!


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