Photo/Graphic Design Becomes a Musing!

Flash! (Pun intended). Photo/Graphic Design’s original blog (started on some other blog site a while ago) is now moving over to WordPress, where it’s joining forces with colormusing, right here on the a Musing blog! (P/GD is the name of the photography and graphic design side of my work; colormusing covers color palette creation, which is closely connected to my photography, as well as to my line of yarns and patterns. Click on the links below to view these sites.)

Photo/Graphic Design

(The logo is my design.)

Because the various aspects of my creative work are so closely related, I like the idea of writing on all these topics under one roof, so to speak; this way, I think it’ll be easier to get the connection between, say, photos I took at the Portland Art Museum and the color palette for some graphic design work. (See my post about the Markham Caerus palette, for example; this was based on photos of mosaics and other artifacts, plus antique maps.)

In addition to color-related posts, I’ll be writing more photography and graphic-design related pieces, including occasional tutorials; I’m often asked how I create my photo montages (like the one below), so that will be one focus.

Rue St Antoine, Paris
Rue St Antoine, Paris. This is from the “Ma Vie en Rose” collection; each image combined photos I took in Paris with my rose photos.

Another topic will be creating headers for your own blogs— this is a great way to make your blog stand out in the crowd. Lots of exciting posts coming up!

And if you have something you’d like to hear more about, please let me know!


Photo/Graphic Design: photographs, photo montages (my specialty), links to buy products with my images

Colormusing: color palette creation, links to sites showing creation and applications of my palettes

Knittique: my line of one-of-a-kind skeins of yarn and knitting patterns, link to where to purchase them

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