Put Your Photos on Canvas!

My canvases on exhibit

Here’s a super deal from Easy Canvas Prints*: choose a favorite photo, have it printed on 11″ x 14″ gallery-wrapped canvas, and have it shipped (free!) to you ready to hang— for just $28.00!

My dandelion photo
My dandelion photo, printed on canvas by Easy Canvas Prints. Even enlarged just to 11″x14″, this simple image has a lot of impact. I love close-up details! (Click on the dandelion to see more about this photo on canvas.)
My canvases on exhibit
An exhibit of my floral photos and montages on canvas. The dandelion is just to the upper left of the large orange rose canvas, to give you a sense of its scale. And the coral/orange rose just to the right of the white rose is also 11″x14″. Click on this photo to see all my canvases for sale in my Etsy shop.

*I got an e-mail from Easy Canvas Prints about this deal, which does include a bit of fine print (e.g. the offer ends on 3/2/14), but the important thing to know is that the $28.00 price and the free shipping will apply when you check out.

Note: I’ve had many photos and montages printed at ECP myself, but as of 2/25/14, I’m not an affiliate, nor do I benefit in any way from mentioning their name or linking to their site. I just really like them.

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