At (Long) Last, My Portfolio!


Filed under It’s About Time: I’m finally working on my very own portfolio website to showcase the full range of what I love to do!

From writing articles and tutorials (and blog posts, natch) to photography to designing color palettes for everything from websites to my own yarns and lingerie sewing kits, it will all be represented here— and there are links for many items, so you can see them in their proper context. Perhaps most importantly, the connections between my diverse projects will also be apparent, like how a particular palette inspired a hand-dyed yarn and a mosaic-like background image (links will take you to the items below).

I just started this site yesterday, so it will take a while to get it filled out, but there’s already plenty to look at now, and I’m adding more momentarily. Hope to see you there!

Tutorial: A Palette Changes its Stripes

As much as I love my colorful stripe-y palettes (and I do), even I am occasionally in the mood for something a little fancier. Here’s one of my favorite ways to change those stripes:

Change stripes to dots with this Photoshop tutorial
Talk your palette into changing its stripes with this easy Photoshop tutorial! (Note: As for all my Photoshop tutorials, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014*.)

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Catch the Wave: Alter a Palette for Fun!

In my last post, I introduced you to the idea of easily expanding the color range of a basic color palette by using the Mosaic filter in Photoshop. Now, starting with that expanded palette, we’ll take it to another level to create The Confetti Wave Palette! And when we’re done, I’ll show you some of my favorite ways to use this super-fun new version.

Let’s start with a new palette, with a sneak preview:

From palette to party!
If your simple palette needs a little dressing up, transform it into this party-worthy version, complete with confetti!

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Put Your Photos on Canvas!

Here’s a super deal from Easy Canvas Prints*: choose a favorite photo, have it printed on 11″ x 14″ gallery-wrapped canvas, and have it shipped (free!) to you ready to hang— for just $28.00!

My dandelion photo
My dandelion photo, printed on canvas by Easy Canvas Prints. Even enlarged just to 11″x14″, this simple image has a lot of impact. I love close-up details! (Click on the dandelion to see more about this photo on canvas.)
My canvases on exhibit
An exhibit of my floral photos and montages on canvas. The dandelion is just to the upper left of the large orange rose canvas, to give you a sense of its scale. And the coral/orange rose just to the right of the white rose is also 11″x14″. Click on this photo to see all my canvases for sale in my Etsy shop.

*I got an e-mail from Easy Canvas Prints about this deal, which does include a bit of fine print (e.g. the offer ends on 3/2/14), but the important thing to know is that the $28.00 price and the free shipping will apply when you check out.

Note: I’ve had many photos and montages printed at ECP myself, but as of 2/25/14, I’m not an affiliate, nor do I benefit in any way from mentioning their name or linking to their site. I just really like them.

The Big Hang-Up: Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Have a lot of artwork to hang? It can be awkward, particularly if they’re all different sizes; arranging them to make the most of each work, not to mention your wall space, does take some creative planning that’s well worth the effort—unless you really want 132 extra nail holes.

Creating a Gallery Wall
Creating a Gallery Wall: It’s easier than you think! (Click on the picture to go to the video tutorial.)

Help is on the way! I just discovered this great video tutorial on Refinery29, which shows you the easy way to get a professional art-gallery look. The key is in creating a template (using newspaper— hey, you’re upcycling!) before pounding a single nail. Have fun creating your very own gallery-style display!

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

Markham Caerus: Ancient Colors in a Modern Palette

The day before yesterday, Valerie Thibodaux launched her first-ever website: Markham Caerus! Since my professional background includes graphic design (and did I mention that she’s my daughter?), I helped her develop the look and feel for this new site, including typography, layout, photo styles, and (of course) a color palette.

This palette is derived from 2 main sources: a mosaic that’s one of Valerie’s personal favorites, and antique maps. Why? Valerie is an archaeologist, and her project, Markham Caerus, is dedicated to the protection of art and antiquities from theft and looting.

Color Inspirations
Color inspirations for the Markham Caerus palette.

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