New: Digital Palette Papers set in Water Garden

I do tend to favor more intense colors, but this time, I was thinking of Impressionist paintings and decided to go a little softer — but couldn’t resist adding the slight shock of the yellow. Post-modern Impressionist, shall we say? (Click the image to get all the details about this special Digital Palette Papers set in my Etsy shop.)

I had just finished knitting a multi-textured blanket all in Monet-inspired tones of aqua, sage, lavender, and pale blues, and I have some bits and pieces of yarn left; these became the basis for one of newer products, Petite Scraplets (below). When I was assembling the mini-balls of yarn into sets, I kept feeling like it was just somehow too soft and pretty… so I tossed a ball of bright canary yellow cashmere into the pile, and voila! Makes all the difference, non?

(Aside: I created the Petite Scraplets sets first, and as you can see, this kit has many more than 5 colors in it. Sometimes it’s quite challenging to limit myself to this number of colors in a palette, but that’s also what I generally find makes a huge difference: editing. However, if I was going to use the Water Garden palette in, say, a branding package, I would most likely want to add in a few additional colors, like the deeper lavender-blue tones in some of the yarns, for extra versatility. End of aside.)

Petite Scraplets yarn kit in the Water Garden colorway.

I was originally planning to name this colorway after Monet, but after adding that yellow, which to me evokes a sudden streak of brilliant sunshine reflecting off the surface of water, I decided to call it Water Garden — a subtle tribute to one of my favorite artists for providing the initial inspiration for this colorway.

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