New Digital Palette Papers set: Rose et Colibri

New Digital Palette Papers set: Rose et Colibri
Okay, every palette I design is my new baby, but this one is easily one of my favorites. (Click the image to get all the details about this special Palette Papers pack in my Etsy shop.)

The French name of this colorway translates as “rose and hummingbird”, so I imagine that my sources of inspiration are fairly obvious. Throughout this especially long summer, I’ve spent more time than I ever have before out on my little apartment balcony, enjoying the beautiful container garden, and bird-feeding station (a recent and much appreciated addition).

I’ve had a hummingbird feeder for close to 15 years now, but never, ever get tired of watching these tiny feathered friends that I think of as my low-maintenance pets. They’re like iridescent flying jewels. And this year, my daughter successfully grew a gorgeous rose from a bare root — first time for both of us — which miraculously escaped death in our unprecedented heat wave, continuing to bloom until late August. (It still has quite a few leaves that look like they got a little too close to the sun.) So this palette, Rose et Colibri, is a tribute to two of my sources of great enjoyment at home in 2021.

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