Color Smarts: Pantone’s Color IQ Test

Pantone color IQ test

As you know, I’m a big fan of Pantone*, the company that sets many a color standard for a wide range of industries, and provides helpful products and resources as well. You’ve probably seen their Color of the Year stories (UltraViolet for 2018), for example.


Today, I ran across another fun little thing on Pantone’s site: their color IQ test! You just rearrange color tiles into a sequence that creates a smooth gradient from one color to another. It looks (but only looks) simple enough. Continue reading

A Colorful Year: The 4 Seasons Project

You know I create color palettes. But what do I actually use them for? One of my favorite palette applications is Scraplet Skeins, the line of multi-textured yarns I create for Knittique*; each skein creates a color sequence as you knit with it. So I’m always looking for fresh color inspiration (and am constantly surprised that I never run short of ideas). I’ve thought for a long time about doing a set of four color sequences, each representing one season of the year. The problem (and the reason I kept putting off working on this): what’s fresh about that? Isn’t the whole four-seasons idea completely cliché? Could I think of a novel way to represent the seasons? Continue reading