Spring/Summer 2013: Pantone’s Color Forecast

Pantone's Spring/Summer 2013 Colors

Well, it’s barely fall, officially, especially here in Portland, but I couldn’t wait to show you these fabulous colors! (You’ll thank me during the long, grey winter days, trust me.) This amazing collection comes directly from Pantone, and seems to forecast bright, happy, optimistic times ahead for spring and summer!

Pantone's Spring/Summer 2013 Colors
Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2013 colors. (Click the image to go directly to this page on Pantone’s website.)

Being me, I’m already mentally assembling various palettes from these 10 beautiful colors. Hmm… I love reds and teals together, if they’re the right shades, so I think I’d start by combining Grayed Jade with Poppy Red, like so:

Grayed Jade with Poppy Red
Imagine a drapey spring dress in Grayed Jade, with a pop of Poppy Red heels or structured handbag.

And of course these colors can be applied in many other ways. As an example of home decor, one of my favorite ways to freshen up my bathroom is to use a variety of towel and washcloth colors, rather than sticking with one hue; with these spring-y colors, I might think about combining Emerald, Lemon Zest, and African Violet.

How will you use these colors?

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