The Colors of Money

Publisher's Clearing House e-mail color palette

The more I work with creating color palettes, the more I’m aware of inspiration lurking, at times, in some frankly odd places. But this is the first time I’ve had one delivered to me with my e-mail, not from Martha Stewart or HGTV — from Publisher’s Clearing House! Take a look:

Publisher's Clearing House e-mail color palette
Publisher’s Clearing House e-mail color palette; this is a good reminder that palettes are in use all around us! (Click on the picture to go to PCH’s website.)

Being involved in graphic design, I’m certainly aware that a major application of color palettes is in website development, and related projects like this e-mail promotion. But this is the first time this concept has struck me this way; we do tend to take in the page overall, not consciously picking out separate colors, especially when there are this many. It’s a good lesson to keep my eyes open!

This is actually a wonderful palette; now that I think about it, aren’t some of these colors in the Pantone Spring 2013 color guide? (I did a post on this a while back.) Ha! A lot of them are! Look:

Pantone's Spring 2013 fashion colors
Pantone’s Spring 2013 fashion colors; look how many of them are in the PCH palette! Hmm… (Click the picture to go to Pantone’s color report.) 

Hmm… wonder if these colors were chosen to have a positive influence on the economy?

Now, of course, I’m going to associate winning millions of dollars with this particular color palette! (If I’m ever asked to do a word-association test, and am given the word “emerald”, I’m sure I’ll say “money”. Wonder what Freud would have made of that?)


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