Expansion Plan: An Easy Way to Add Colors to your Palette

Here’s something I recently discovered by accident (isn’t that always the way?): Starting with one of my color palettes, which typically have a maximum of 5 colors, I can expand that palette into 8-1o colors— and it’s super-easy to do!

Let’s start with a palette that’s divided evenly into 5 colors:

Rose-inspired palette
This rose-inspired palette will soon expand far beyond the 5 hues shown here. Later, I’ll show you what happens when I use the same 5 colors in different proportions. (Click the palette to see it on ColourLovers.)

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Photoshop or PS Elements: Which will work for you?

A friend asked me the other day what I thought about Photoshop as compared to Photoshop Elements. I’ve been using Photoshop myself since its very early days (think before it had Layers), and have thus had no need for Elements, so I’m not really familiar with it at all. I decided to find out what I could.

If you do a search (I used the term “difference between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements”), you’ll find many pages devoted to this subject, a few of which I’ll talk about here. I started with Adobe’s website, since they make both packages; their FAQ page has only general information, but it’s a place to start. Continue reading