Creating Custom Palettes from Scratch in Photoshop

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of days since my last post, in which I compared using palettes for free from ColourLovers to purchasing color palettes from Colormusing (or anyone else, really). For some reason, the CL website has been basically non-functional since yesterday— I keep getting error messages. (I’ve been a member of CL for several years, and have never, ever seen a problem with the site.)

Color palette inspiration
This beautiful mohair, one of my hand-painted yarns, is the jumping-off place for a new color palette: Atoll. (Click the photo to see this yarn— and its palette— at Colormusing.)

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The All-New Colormusing Shop is Live!

This is the biggest newsflash item I’ve had the pleasure to post about so far: I’m actually creating my dream of a color-centric business, by combining several different areas of interest under a single name:Colormusing logoYes! Knittique (yarns, knitwear patterns, samples, & jewelry), Photo/Graphic Design (art on canvas, tutorials, & graphic files), and The Bratelier (lingerie sewing kits) are now all part of the Colormusing family— a reunion of sorts, where all the various relatives play together nicely because they all have one thing in common: color palettes.

Simply put, my photographs and montages inspire color palettes, which I apply to a constantly-growing range of projects, from dye recipes for hand-painted yarns and lingerie materials to travel wardrobe planning and custom-printed fabrics.

And the color palettes themselves, in their graphic-file forms, can be used in so many different ways, whether you need a great color scheme for your blog or website, a cohesive look to incorporate into a presentation, a background for your family’s holiday greeting card— I’m sure you’ll think of lots more!

Going forward, I’ll be adding new color palettes virtually every day, as well as more graphic files, yarn colorways, knitted samples, and more— plus downloadable tutorials for you to DIY many of these projects to make your world not only more colorful, but truly unique, an expression of you.

Colormusing: It’s all about hue!™

Put Your Photos on Canvas!

Here’s a super deal from Easy Canvas Prints*: choose a favorite photo, have it printed on 11″ x 14″ gallery-wrapped canvas, and have it shipped (free!) to you ready to hang— for just $28.00!

My dandelion photo
My dandelion photo, printed on canvas by Easy Canvas Prints. Even enlarged just to 11″x14″, this simple image has a lot of impact. I love close-up details! (Click on the dandelion to see more about this photo on canvas.)
My canvases on exhibit
An exhibit of my floral photos and montages on canvas. The dandelion is just to the upper left of the large orange rose canvas, to give you a sense of its scale. And the coral/orange rose just to the right of the white rose is also 11″x14″. Click on this photo to see all my canvases for sale in my Etsy shop.

*I got an e-mail from Easy Canvas Prints about this deal, which does include a bit of fine print (e.g. the offer ends on 3/2/14), but the important thing to know is that the $28.00 price and the free shipping will apply when you check out.

Note: I’ve had many photos and montages printed at ECP myself, but as of 2/25/14, I’m not an affiliate, nor do I benefit in any way from mentioning their name or linking to their site. I just really like them.

Create Your Own Word Graphic

Since I’m a big fan of great typographic design, I couldn’t resist this— a website where you can easily create your own word graphic! Thanks to smbizamerica (Small Businesses of America) for posting the link, and I’ll post here again after I’ve played with this!


Here is a website that will allow you to create your own word graphic and multiple ways to change it.

Simply go to

Here is the one for SBA Small Businesses of America

SBA Small Businesses of America

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Equipment: Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Bizarre moment #67 in the photo/graphic part of my life: A while back, I was happily snapping pictures in the Portland Rose Garden with my trusty little point-and-shoot, when a man said to me, “You need a bigger camera.”


Ironically, I don’t have a photo of this dubiously memorable moment, so let me try and paint the picture for you: Here’s a complete and utter stranger, sporting an enormous camera complete with over-compensatory long telephoto lens, who has absolutely no idea what kind of photography work I do— and he’s telling me I have the wrong equipment!

Pink & Gold Rose
Pink & gold rose photo, taken with my apparently inferior camera. (It hasn’t been retouched at all.) For the record, my camera is a Canon PowerShot 2000 IS. Click on the photo to see more rose photos on my Photo/Graphic Design website.

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New Photographic Backgrounds: Impressionism & Reflections

In addition to my first collection of photographic backgrounds, I now have two new collections: Artistic Impressions I and Reflections I. Like the first collection (Colorful Leaves I), these are high-resolution JPEG files, perfect for incorporating into almost any online/electronic design project*, from blog headers to e-book covers and illustrations. Here are some samples from these beautiful and versatile image collections:

Artistic Impressions I, montages created from my photographs of marble and stones, with an Impressionistic feel.

Artistic Impressions I sample
Artistic Impressions I sample. This collection includes a free header design tutorial! (Click on the picture to see this whole collection in my Etsy shop.)

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My first collection of photo backgrounds!

I’m so excited— I just finished my first collection of photo backgrounds, Colorful Leaves I, and it’s now available in my Etsy Colormusing shop! There are 3 images in this set; I always feel that with a larger collection, you’ll not only pay more, but almost certainly end up with some images you will never use. And as a bonus, I’m including a FREE tutorial (tips and illustrations for creating titles and text boxes on these backgrounds) with the purchase of this gorgeous collection.

Here’s what they look like:

Dark Leaves Background
Dark Leaves Background (click on the photo to see the collection on Etsy).

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New: Colormusing sets up shop on Etsy!

I’ve just opened my second Etsy shop, Colormusing (natch), just to have a fantastic place to sell my photographic work! Right at this moment, there are 12 of my original photos and photographic montages, already printed and gallery-wrapped for your gift-giving convenience— with sale prices and free shipping if you order by December 12! Here’s one of my canvas images:

Floral Montage
Floral Montage, created by blending over 2 dozen flower and foliage photos! Printed on gallery-wrapped canvas on a 24″ x 20″ frame. (Click the photo to go directly to this canvas in my new Etsy shop.)

And just because I know there are a lot of you out there who like to do your own graphic work (and bravo, by the way!), I’ll soon be offering collections of high-resolution photos, textures, and backgrounds, which you can incorporate into your own masterpieces, from greeting cards to family newsletters, scrapbooking projects to, I don’t know, maybe you blog headers and backgrounds? I’ll be sure to post again here as those become available. And please tell me about anything in particular that you’re looking for, okay?

Click here to go straight to Colormusing’s new Etsy shop!